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When it comes to getting around to the big sightseeing spots, Nagano Sightseeing Guide Taxi is the convenient choice!

Nagano Sightseeing Guide Taxi
Nagan's drivers have been carefully selected after endorsements from their respective taxi company presidents. They all have had no accidents or violations in the past 3 years. Plus, the drivers have all taken a special course and passed a test on tourism and hospitality. Not only are the certified drivers skilled, but they also serve as a travel guide, tour conductor, escort, and cameraperson to give you a pleasant trip in Nagano.

With the kind of knowledge only local certified drivers possess, you'll have access to the latest information to make your trip that much more enjoyable. Travel by taxi will let you explore all the nooks and crannies of Nagano.

Sightseeing Guide Taxi Service

  1. Guided by drivers knowledgeable about tourism and hospitality
  2. Thorough travel guidance at all sightseeing attractions
  3. Fare set based on fixed times for the entire prefecture
  4. Suggestions for the most practical routes

Benefits of Sightseeing Guide Taxi

  1. Detailed travel information provided
  2. No need to look up route information for your destinations
  3. Get the most out of your time with efficient transportation from place to place
  4. Alter your destination or take a detour
  5. Find out about lesser known local gems: popular places to eat and drink, get souvenirs, and explore

Fare Chart

Regular taxi

Up to 4 passengers

Duration Price
2 hr 15,000 yen
2.5 hr 18,000 yen
3 hr 21,000 yen
3.5 hr 24,000 yen
4 hr 28,000 yen
4.5 hr 31,000 yen
5 hr 35,000 yen
5.5 hr 38,000 yen
6 hr 41,000 yen
6.5 hr 44,000 yen
7 hr 48,000 yen
7.5 hr 51,000 yen
8 hr 54,000 yen

Jumbo taxi

Up to 9 passengers

Duration Price
2 hr 21,000 yen
2.5 hr 26,000 yen
3 hr 31,000 yen
3.5 hr 36,000 yen
4 hr 41,000 yen
4.5 hr 46,000 yen
5 hr 50,000 yen
5.5 hr 54,000 yen
6 hr 58,000 yen
6.5 hr 62,000 yen
7 hr 66,000 yen
7.5 hr 70,000 yen
8 hr 74,000 yen
  1. Fare for transportation within Nagano Prefecture starts at 2 hours and increases by each 30-minute interval after that.
  2. The fare is cheaper for longer use.
  3. Toll road, admission, activity, parking, and other fees are not included. The customer will need to cover additional fees separately.
  4. Total distance covered is limited to 50 km for 2 hours and 100 km for 4 hours
  5. Cancellation Fees
    Please be aware that once a contract has been entered with a company for a Sightseeing Guide Taxi, a cancellation without any advance notices may incur cancellation fees.

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